Negah Theatre Group

( Nik ) Ali Hakamian

Technical supporter

(Nik) Ali Hakamian Technical supporter from negah theatre group

( Nik ) Ali Hakamian (Born in Iran, Tehran) University instructor experienced in engineering, Art, International commerce, Negotiations, international affairs.


MBA / University of Malaya, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (2007-2010)
Marketing / American intercollege, Nicosia, Indianapolis University, USA, branch of Cyprus (2002-2003)
Mining Engineering / Amir kabir University of Technology, AUT. Tehran Polytechnic University (1990- 1995)
Diploma / Math and Physics diploma. Kamal High School (1990)


Instructor at:

  • University of applied science & technology (2012)
         Faculty of Business and Commerce
         Faculty of MBA program
  •  Alameh Tabarsi University (2012)
    Teaching courses:
         International Negotiations skills, Sales skills,
         Business English in use, Marketing, Neuro Marketing.


  • Iran Chamber of commerce (2019)
         Trade with; Iraq, Oman, Russia
  • Spiritual Business Management, Pranic Center (2015)
         Stress Management
  • Avicenna Medicine, Intensive program (2014-2016)
         Refah University, Tehran
  • Financing methods in exporting
         Iran chamber of commerce, ICC (2012)
  • Silva International Mind Method, Malaysia (2007)
  • Trade Promotion Organization Of Iran (2004-2005)
         International Trade and Business.
         Marketing Research in International Trade.
         International Business Correspondence
         International Business Negotiation.
  • Iran Industrial Management Institute (2004-2005)
         Management of Purchase and Foreign Orders.
         Goods Clearance and customs laws and affairs.
  • National Iranian Oil Company, Tehran (1995)
         Applied Geophysics In Oil Explorations.


  • Pooshesh Gostar Co / Trade manager (2011)
  • NikGroup.Co Malaysia / NikGroup Company in Malaysia (2008-2011)
  • ITEX / Instructor of Iranian innovators team in 20th ITEX (International, Invention Innovation and Technology Exhibition), Malaysia (2009-2010)
  • Kando kave kavir Co, Iran / Projects Engineer& Financial planning (1999-2006)
  • Faravarde Haee Sakhtemani Corporation / Projects Engineer& Financial planning (1997-1999)
  • Khazar Cement Corporation (2000 ton /day) / Projects Engineer& Financial planning (1995 _ 1997)