It has always been our quest for knowledge. Studying academically and gaining experience has driven us every day. Until now...


Ideas come to mind from different directions. We see well around us. We hear well. We Imagine well. We dramatize life.


The knowledge, experience, and ideas is three heads of the pyramids that lead to our performances. We love unpretentious but magnificent performances.​

The Group’s Purpose

Negah Theatre Group, does have a universal viewpoint with a realistic look at immigration and its negative consequences. We are greatly concerned about soft spirit women who are greatly affected by social anxiety but still continue on life persistently, becoming a mother, raising children and creating a new world.
Our performances aim to make people paying more attention to their family. Economic deprivation leads to depression and stress in the parents and ultimately dysfunction and vulnerability of the family. Our purpose is to give people a new look at life on earth, a consciousness of love,  joy, peace, freedom and compassion.
We are extremely concerned about a world without war and violence filled with peace and friendship. The performing arts help society as a whole in self knowledge and understanding. It can be a tool used to educate people about their current conditions. They will understand that we are all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us. 
We believe, We are one.

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Our team


We are living in a world full of anger, sadness, violence, hunger and loneliness… while the world can be fraught with beauty, love, friendship and light. We should change our vision for ourselves, our family and our society to see the inner beauty in each one and let the others see it.
Negah Theatre Group chose this name “Negah” (Persian word for Viewpoint) wisely to pave the way for a new attitude to see the inner beauty of this world and its inhabitants and to make changes for a better world.

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Our works

We play our plays...!

The Negah Theatre Group has a fixed core and variable members. Academic studies in directing and acting in theater and cinema are among the hallmarks of our group. We’ve been living in the theater world! for nearly 20 years … 

We play our plays…!

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  • French
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ME performance prize in Barcelona

"ME" Is The Best Performance In Monolit Festival

"ME" is a Theater play, performed by Negah Theatre Group, directed by Shiva Makinian and played in Monolit Festival from 26 to 28th of October 2019. [Click to Read More]

ME performance in Barcelona

"ME" In Spain​

"ME" Played in Spain, was widely praised. "ME" directed by Shiva Makinian, performed on October 6 and attracted the attention of the festival's audience and jury. [Click to Read More]